Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 3rd International Youth Gathering in Jakarta 18 - 24 January 2010 in Indonesia.

A. Background

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things) – Al-Hujraat: 13

Youth have critical or strategic roles in society to get better living condition in the world as:

1. The next leader of generation Youth in next decade will replace the current decision maker and they are expected in determining the future of the societies. So youth should prepare themselves as well by improving and upgrading their skills.
2. Iron Stock They should be ready to be in any position, and conditions. So, youth ought to develop their capacities and capabilities as well.
3. Agent of Change Wherever they should be creative and have good solutions for
any problems in their society.

In preparing the roles, Youth must give more attentions on some crucial things:
1. Education Is important to improve and upgrade their skills. In fact there are many Muslim youth were uneducated in the formal education. Youth should make serious effort to help them.
2. Civilization Youth with various background and civilization should unite and respect each other, so that they can work together to reach their shared goals. Working together is better than working separately. Therefore dialog among the civilization so necessary to build unity and tolerance.
3. Environment The condition of the environment is getting worse; youth should address ‘green act’ concretely. The existence of the future where youth will take the lead, is depending on sustainable development we are doing right now. So, youth must pay attention on sustainable development agenda. Especially to take active role in caring for environment.

Based on these facts, it is realized that those discourses should be transformed into real actions. Enthusiasm in realizing the discourses then lead us to conduct the third International Youth Gathering, which will make serious effort on identifying and implementing the roles of youth in changing the world through the advancement of education, initiating dialogue among civilizations, and caring for environment.

B. Purpose

1. The participants can support the striving for advancement of education in their
2. The participants can introduce their civilization each other, in order to build unity and tolerance,
3. Suggesting the participants to care for the environment, and
4. Establishing International Muslim Youth Forum.

C. Title and Theme

The 3rd International Youth Gathering
“The Role of Youth in Changing the World”

D. Organizer

Indonesian Humanitarian Committee(KKI),Islamic Nuances of Students of University of Indonesia (SALAM UI), Indonesian Muslim Students Action Front(KAMMI), and Indonesian Muslim Unity (PUI).

E. Participants (Man & Women): 150 Country: 16
Albania, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Canada, Kuwait, Malaysia, Macedonia, Palestine, Pakistan, Sudan and Turkey.

F. Dates and Venues
This gathering will be held on 18 - 24 January 2010 in Indonesia.

G) Program Details:

17 January 2010 Press Statement Indonesia University
18 January 2010 Official Opening Ceremony Indonesia University
19-20 January 2010 International Panel Indonesia University
18-23 January 2010 Courtesy Visits to State Officials Jakarta
22-24 January 2010 Camp and Visits Cibodas, West Java


First delegation of Third IYG from Turkey consisted of 20 person arrived to Indonesia. Second delegation reached on 16th of February. They stayed at Wisma Makara in the beautiful campus of Indonesia University.


Third IYG participants visited the green, marvelous atmosphere with rivers and beautiful ni’mah of Allah Almighty in the campus of the University of Indonesia with the service of university busses.
Economics Faculty, Texas Bridge, Culture and Language Faculty, Politics and Social Sciences Faculty and Ukhuwwah al Islamiya Masjed were among the visited places. Thus, a shop centre was also visited. Before official ceremony of Third IYG, a fish restaurant called Salamat Datang established above a river
was a place of lunch near Wisma Makara.


A dinner reception was organized in Depok Municipality Building by His Eminence Dr. Nur Mahmudi Ismail the mayor. The program started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an and its English translation. Then S. Purwoko had speech on behalf of preparation committee.

First welcome speech was of Ali Kurt, deputy secretary general of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW). At the beginning of his speech Kurt thanked the mayor for his kind invitation and hosting such an important gathering.K urt also thanked to organization committee, sponsors of the gathering namely KKI, KAMMI, SALAM UI, PKPU, PU and RZI and participants coming from whole around the world.

At the speech Kurt said: “Rasullullah (pbuh) defines us as one nation. The foreign forces seek to divide us. We should altogether try to halt against this. Look, there are 57 countries in the Organization of
Islamic Conference most of which are the most poor and needy. For 14 century, Muslims were banner bearer of the Islamic Civilization nearly 12 century. Except the last two century, Muslims were always at the power from economy to politics, from military to science. So, we have serious obligations to do against great challenges as Muslims.”

“In response to expectations and vital need of unity among Muslims we have organized an international conference titled “The Islamic World NGOs in Challenging and Changing World” in May 2005 with participation of more than 400 people from 100 countries in Istanbul.” told Ali Kurt briefing the participants about establishment of UNIW. He added that following the conference the participants approved to start the process of founding such an organization later on called the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) and officially established in 2005, December.

Meanwhile Depok Municipality Mayor Dr. Nur Mahmudi Ismail welcomed
the participants stressing the strong power of Islamic countries having
natural resources. “However, those resources are being used by other
powers.” told Mahmudi and added: “So, we have to focus on how we can
use our rich sources effectively.”

Depok Mayor also pointed out the importance of education for all societies
saying: “It is pleasure for us to host such an important event this evening. The participants coming from various Islamic Countries will also have panel on the role of youth in changing the world and education. I wish it will be beneficent for all participants. Indeed let me share my expectation. We are in need of new Muslim generations, new Muslim youth who are well trained on the basis of Islamic principles. I hope you will enjoy
Indonesia and have very well program during your stay.”

At the program, Izzat al Islam an Indonesian Islamic Music Team took part
singing in English and Indonesian emphasizing the unity, cooperation of
Islamic World, the victory of Gaza, Palestine and songs containing spiritual
developments. The participants also joined at the melodies.


Participants of third IYG have arrived at the Economics Faculty of the University of Indonesia at 08.00A.M. First speeches have done by organization committee and representatives of sponsor organizations. The speakers thanked to the University of Indonesia for hosting the panel giving the profile of participants. The panel titled “The Role of Youth in Changing the World and Education” has started with welcome speech of Mr. Faiz Husnayain, chairman of the International Relations Department of UI.

Then the representative of the chairman of the University of Indonesia welcomed the delegation conveying success wishes of the rector.

First panelist was Siddiq Buckley, an education expert from Australia where he introduced a presentation about reaching at the education for Muslims.

Other panelists representing each country had presentations about the education, system and challenges in their countries. In this regard; Albania, Indonesia, Morocco, Iraq, Malaysia and Turkey had presentations where there had already prepared articles about the education system; problems and
solutions of the participating countries.

During the panels attendees also had interventions and comments about the presentations.

At the second day of the panel, focus groups were organized called A,B and C. Three groups have discussed the current education system, problems, challenges and the ways out in their countries.

Following focus group meeting, a committee was established headed by Zerevan Sulaiman from Iraq at the conference hall. Three representatives of focus groups had the floor where they summarized discussions of their groups briefing the participants about problems and solutions of each country taken
into consideration.

The committee has decided to vest Sulaiman with authority to shape final declaration of Third IYG by means of advices, recommendations and solution proposals of focus groups.

At the panel speakers and some participants received participant certificates. Again, the university has assured the participants to have lunch for two days. Meanwhile the participants also shared their thoughts and comments on the gathering with the channel.


After the end of panel, the participants of Third IYG went to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies where the Minister HE Tifatul Sembiring, his deputies and officials took part for the official opening ceremony.

The program started with national anthem of the Republic of Indonesia, and then
followed by welcome speech of Budi Dharmawan the chairman of preparation
committee where he briefed the minister and officials about the schedule of gathering, country profiles and participants. Dharmawan told that more than 100 participants gathered in Indonesia from 16 countries for one week program.

On behalf of UNIW, deputy coordinator for international relations Muhammad Fatih Oner had welcome speech where he thanked HE Minister, organization committee and Indonesia for hosting such a historical and important gathering. In his speech, Oner pointed out historical relations between Indonesia and Turkey.

Oner said: “Even though it is the first time for us to be in Indonesia; our relations goes back nearly at first quarter of 1500 where Ottoman State and Ache Islamic State initiated first contact upon the beginning of interventions through Portugal colonization forces. At that time, the Sultan of Ache sends his ambassador to seek help from the Ottomans in Istanbul. The Ache delegation consisted of 36 ships which were attacked and destroyed after departure from the island by the Portugal forces. The remaining two ships arrive at Istanbul. However, then Sultan of Ottoman State Kanuni Sultan Suleyman had no
chance to receive the delegation because of being at war with the Europeans.

After being martyr in Europe, his son became Sultan and one day in public ceremony he sees Ache delegation with different kinds of shapes and clothing. The Ache delegation was received by Sultan after one year and at the palace they presented a very small gift where they had obliged to sell all of their being to pay accommodation expenditures. Ottoman Sultan gets very emotional and thanks them giving a name to one cannon, sending military experts and war machines to help Ache State. Ottomans reaches at your country, settles and even gets married. This is very brief historical note on our relations.”

UNIW deputy coordinator concluded his speech saying: “In tsunami, we re-discovered Ache and Indonesia after a long time. Now we have come to Indonesia with young leaders of the Islamic World for third international youth gathering. This saloon re-emphasizes and re-assures our historical relations and strong ties again. This gathering is also an indication of emergence of our spiritual ties rooted in our past.”

For his part, Minister of Communication and Information Technologies, His
Eminence Tifatul Sembiring stated his pleasure to open the door of his ministry
and hosting official opening ceremony of third international youth gathering.
He pointed out the importance and position of Muslim Youth in the world

Minister Sembiring said: “Living in an information and communication age,
Muslim Youth should be well educated, well user of technology in parallel with the rapid developments in every field of the life. I congratulate preparation committee for organizing this gathering and welcome all participants to our country.”

Official opening has started with hitting the gong, then gift presentations to representatives of each country. At the end of program, third IYG participants had family picture with the minister. Then the minister
had press brief to journalist about the program.


The Minister of Social Affairs of Indonesia Salim Segaf al Jufri paid a kind
visit to third international youth gathering where he talked to participants. Former Ambassador of Indonesia to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, veteran statesman al Jufri came to the University of Indonesia with ministry officials.

At welcome speech, Muhammad Fatih Oner deputy general of UNIW thanked
to His Excellency the Minister for his kind visit. Oner informed the minister and officials about the
history and activities of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW).

“Established in 2005, UNIW has now 175 members from 44 countries. We have carried
out many successful international conferences, symposiums and events. For today’s program, we can easily say that Alhamdulillah it is the third international youth gathering thanks to great hospitability and supports of our Indonesian members and
sponsors.” said Oner and added:

“With opportunities of such important gatherings, young leaders of the Islamic World come and know each other. With great cooperation, the seeds of brotherhood get stronger. Being a center of the unity, we – as UNIW – do care of every projects, programs and meetings in serving Muslim Ummah.”

For his part, minister al Jufri stated his pleasure to be with the young leaders of the Islamic World. “The biggest country among the Muslim countries, Indonesia has very young population and problems like unemployment and related social problems. In this regard, we - as Social Affairs Ministry - work on to provide social welfare, prosperity and stability in our society with pursuing our projects and policies.” said the minister.

He also briefed third IYG participants about the expectations from them almost
related to everything for making essential works for the Indonesian society.
“For this reason” told Minister and added: “We think that we can overcome the
difficulties and problems in our society through hardworking with long termed
projects insaallah.”


Third IYG participants were the guests of Agriculture Minister Mr. Suswono in
gala dinner held in a historical place. At the beginning of program Mr. Mesturi
from organization committee had a welcome speech emphasizing the unity and
importance of such gatherings.

Because of unexpected program of Mr. Minister, his deputy participated in the Gala Dinner on behalf of Minister. His deputy told that: “Even though HE the minister was really eager to be with you, unfortunately the program changed and he could not be able to attend. However he sends his warmest success wishes and appreciation both the organizers and participants of such a vital international gathering. There is no doubt that the Muslim youth coming from whole around the world will positively change the face of the world in near

After deputy minister, the chairman of SALAM UI Ahmad Situyabandi took the floor emphasizing the importance of Islamic brotherhood and the role of Muslim Youth. Before going to dinner, UNIW General Coordinator Alptekin Cihangir Isbilir thanked to deputy minister for his kindness presenting a ceramic plate and a copy of the Holy Qur’an as gifts on behalf of the Indonesian Agriculture Minister.

Isbilir told: “It is really an honor for us to be with you in this gala dinner. Please convey our deep thanks and appreciation to His Excellency Mr. Minister Suswono for his hospitality. Thank you very much.” Following the gift presentations, the participants went to gala dinner.


III. IYG participants reached at the ministry of Youth and Sports at 08.00 A.M for the meeting with Dr. Andi Alfian Mallarangeng. The program started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Then, at welcome speech section, chairman of KAMMI Mr. Rijalul Imam welcomed the participants. UNIW General Coordinator A. Cihangir Isbilir also had a short speech.

Minister Dr. Andi Alfian Mallarangeng welcomed the participants pointing out the importance of being
healthy both physically and spiritually. In his speech HE Minister said:

“Play sports, be healthy and hearty. We need a youth having principles. Please feel yourself at your home in Indonesia where you will have rains and fresh air. Thus, you can benefit from the sports tools; making physical exercises in our facilities. All are in your service. Indeed, it is our pleasure to host such a gathering in our ministry. However, lets count it is the first time. We do expect you to visit again and again, staying here a lot and use all of our facilities. Thank you.”

After departure of the minister, the program went on with the analysis of each country representatives from Turkey, Morocco, Palestine, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

The program ended in the ministry and followed by Zuhr Prayer. Abu Ridha Dhul Qarnain also spoke to participants about the “brotherhood.” At the same day, third IYG participants visited Pencak Silat Padepokan Taman Indah building.


Third IYG participants have met with the member of Indonesian Parliament Mustafa Kemal to share experiences. Then leader of Student Movements in Indonesia in 80s, Mustafa Kemal shared his experiences from 80s to the current situation. “Youth Reform in Indonesia” was the theme of meeting with the member of Parliament from Justice and Prosperity Party.

Mustafa Kemal narrated their activities and methodology during the repressive
regime of Suharto saying: “Indeed, it was really difficult era for each of us to work, to make activities in every fields of life especially related to Islamic principles. However, we never abandoned to work and appeased of our principles in these tough times. Muslim youth movement steadily and peacefully worked especially in the university campuses to spread the message of Islam.”

“To lead the emergence of well educated Muslim generation with strong
spirituality we worked very much. With help of Allah Almighty a rough time
ended in Indonesia and another new period started.” said Mustafa Kemal giving
his own life as witnessing these two periods.

Kemal went on his speech emphasizing the active role of young Muslim leaders in Indonesia especially at the political level. He said: “Alhamdulillah, me and other active brothers from 1980s now became young Muslim leaders of the country. This personal experience exactly shows that if a person believes in Allah (swt) with true Islamic faith and struggle for this idea, there will be nothing to prevent him. Now, I see before me many dear young leaders of the Islamic world.

I recommend you all: dedicate yourselves to your da’wah and struggle forever.” Listeners of the speech asked various questions at the end of conversation. On behalf of UNIW, General Coordinator Cihangir Isbilir thanked to MP Mustafa Kemal for his excellent speech presenting gift to him. At the evening, Indonesian music group took the floor singing numbers of songs.


UNIW Third IYG Delegation reached at the Parliament of Indonesia meeting
with vice-chairman of the parliament His Eminence Dr. Muhammad Anis Matta. Rijalul Imam, president of KAMMI welcomed the delegation and thanked to HE Dr. Matta for accepting the delegation at the parliament. Imam stated the organization committee is working very hard for the success of the gathering.

with The Deputy Speaker of Indonesia Parliament Dr. Muhammad Anis Matta

For his part, HE Dr. Matta from young cadres of the Justice and Prosperous Party
shared his pleasure to host such a historical and meaningful international youth gathering in the parliament. At his speech Dr. Matta said: “ First of all, I would like to thank all of you for this kind visit. The majority of the parliament consists of young members. Sixty per cent of the parliament is over 50 years old and remaining forty per cent is under 60 years old. This means that we have many young members of the parliament.”

“Increasing the activities since 1980s, Muslim youth movements in Indonesia
grew in reaction to corruption, dictatorship and all kinds of social problems.” told Dr. Matta. Pointing out the importance of youth movements Dr. Anis Matta stressed that stability and normalization of the country began by the actions of young leaders who now became new leader of Indonesia. He told: “Today’s Indonesia is shaped by yesterday’s Muslim youth and a new generation. In this hall, I see same Muslim youth coming from different countries carrying similar feelings and enthusiasm. I salute this respected

“Indonesia is the biggest country among the Islami countries as all of you know.” said Dr. Matta and praised the organization committee for hosting “historical” Third International Youth Gathering under UNIW.

Going on his speech Dr. Matta told: “Muslim Youth should be aware of the expectations of Ummah carrying out the most and divine responsibility. That is the revival of our civilization. Currently, the western civilization is just remaining on the power. Unfortunately, there is no morality, virtue and wisdom. Whole the world is in need of a new civilizational change in this corrupted, unjust and tyranny based world system. When we refer to change, we exactly point out this vital and needed issue. The only hegemonic power in the earth Western Civilization must be replaced by the Islamic Civilization especially at this time when the humanity needs spirituality, justice, virtue and rightness. So, the change is inevitable…”

His Eminence Dr. Matta also touched upon the meaning and importance of the
names referring the names of UNIW General Coordinator and his deputy. He
concluded his speech saying that:“Now I am with General Coordinator brother
whose name is Cihangir that is the name of a Mongolian warrior. I am also with
his deputy brother Muhammad Fatih that was the name of the conqueror of
Istanbul, an Ottoman Sultan. I strongly believe that you will do many good and
beneficial activities in near future with such a people carrying out meaningful names and an organization. With these feelings, I welcome you all again.”

UNIW General Coordinator Isbilir thanked to the vice chairman of Indonesian
Parliament for his excellent speech and hosting third international youth
gathering. Isbilir also thanked to Indonesian officials and organization committee
for opening their doors with all facilities on behalf of UNIW Secretary General,
Council Member and secretariat.

In his thank speech Isbilir briefed Dr. Matta about the establishment process of UNIW. He said: “In 2005 we have founded UNIW following an international conference in Istanbul. Now we have 175 members from 44 countries. Indeed this union has emerged after vital need of cooperation, coordinaton and unity in the Islamic World. With full support of respected and prominent Muslim figures whole around the world including Mr. Suripto from Indonesia.”

Isbilir also clarified the notion of “Islamic World” which has broadened and included all the countries where there live Muslims. He said: “So we accept everywhere as the Islamic World where our Muslim brothers and sisters live in from Burkina Faso to USA, from Sudan to Mongolia. With this third international youth gathering we collect new leaders of the Islamic World.”

Isbilir presented a gift carrying UNIW emblem with the tulip referring the oneness of the God Almighty. Albanian delegation also presented a gift to Mr. Mata while he introduced a gift of Indonesian Parliament to UNIW General Coordinator. Third IYG Participants passed into the parliament taking a souvenir photograph inside and outside of the parliament.


Third IYG participants have come together in another beautiful place along with
the ocean at the auspicies of the governor of Jakarta Province, HE Fauzi Bowo.
First welcome speaker was Rijalul Imam the chairman of KAMMI on behalf of
native participants. In his speech, Rijalul Imam thanked to His Excellency the
governor for this kind lunch and hospitality.

Rijalul Imam

Then Mr. Budi Dermawan the president of steering committee took the floor welcoming all delegations. Dermawan informed the governor and officials about thir IYG, the schedule of the program, participant
countries and Bangung Declaration.

Being a little bit late, the excellent speech of governor was recited by his special assistance on behalf of
him. At the speech, HE the governor of Jakarta emphasized the role and importance of Muslim Youth and
Islamic Civilization, the need of unity and revival of Ummah through the works of youth.

A. Jihangir Ishbilir

UNIW General Coordinator A. Jihangir Ishbilir thanked for the hospitality and dinner of governor in his welcome speech. Isbilir also thanked to special assistance of the governor, officials and organization committee.

In the speech Mr. Isbilir exemplified beloved companions (sahaba) of the Prophet Muhammad (puh) who was the best example for the humankind. He said: “We should endevour to understand them very well how they devoted their whole lives, how they obeyed the blessed Prophet (pub) and of course at the end how they played a historical role in changing the world with true sincerity, devotion and the spirit of unity. This generation established Madina and Islamic Civilization. They are the best example before us. Therefore, the Muslim youth coming from whole around the world must put such efforts, feelings and spirit. It is really pleasure for us to see similar generation insaallah.”

On the other hand, HE the governor honored the lunch a little bit late shaking the hands of the country representatives and welcoming them. He was briefed about UNIW, its activities and projects. He stated his great pleasure to host third IYG and being a part of this gathering. At the program, organization committee and UNIW officials presented the gifts to the governor.


The director Agung Notowiguno, General Manager Andjar Radite and Mr.
Tomi from PKPU (Indonesian Humanitarian and Zakat Foundation) met with
UNIW officials in a kind visit at the hotel.

PKPU Director Mr. Notowiguno stated his pleasure as the organization to be a
sponsor of third international youth gathering in their country. He informed UNIW General Coordinator and his deputy about the history of PKPU and its structure.
Mr. Notowiguno said: “In response to the multi-dimensional crisis that struck Indonesia in 1997, a non-profit institution, Pos Keadilan Peduli Ummat (PKPU) was founded on December 10, 1999. On 12 September 2000, PKPU was approved as a charity organisation by Indonesian Social Ministry's decree No. 2000.40405.916.

PKPU learnt that zakah, infaq and sadaqa (Islamic compulsory and voluntary alms) could play a very significant role in Indonesia, a country with the biggest Muslim population in the world. Having gained more and more trust from the people, in two years time after its establishment, PKPU was then appointed as one of National Zakah Collectors by Indonesian Religion Ministry through its decree No. 441 on 8 October 2001. It is one of benefit and hard work to serve the community by trusteeship, sincerely and professionally.”

For the programs, plans and branches PKPU Director gave the following information:

“To actualise its function in the community, PKPU has drawn up various program plans, implemented in its 13 branches throughout Indonesia. This will be described briefly in this profile document. We believe that this document is informative, useful and serve its purpose to give insights on what we are actually doing to help the community in Indonesia to stand up on their own feet and to recover from bankruptcy. To assist them to survive the difficult times, we propose cooperation based on honesty and sincerity. Finally, we also hope that this document would be able to convey our message for the
awareness of the fate of our brothers/sisters who are being put to the test by The Almighty.”

For his part, UNIW General Coordinator Jihangir Isbilir thanked PKPU officials for sponsorship and this kind visit stating: “Indeed, calamities and problems is chance for us to make prayers. Like Tawba Nasyonel in Indonesia, we should gather altogether for prayers in spiritual atmosphere to make serious steps.” Mr. Isbilir also invited PKPU officials to participate in international panel on “Good Governance in the Islamic World” to be held in 23-25 April 2010 in Malaysia.


Third IYG participants reached at Ciboad of West Java after very busy program in the capital city. Participants listened Khutba and prayed Jum’a Prayer behind Ustaz Wildah Hakeem in the beautiful and spiritual atmosphere of Madani Centre which is a complex and had a professional education buildings and systems. IYG participants stayed at this greap complex one day. At night there were cultural performances and speeches. Muhammad Salim representing Palestine had emotional speech and another one from Morocco had du’ah (prayer.


The governor of West Java, His Excellency Ahmad Haryawan hosted third YG
Participants at the dinner in his manor house. Program started with songs of an
Indonesian Music Team the followed by welcome speech of Rijalul Imam, the
chairman of strong Muslim organization KAMMI.

On the other hand, Mr. Jihangir Isbilir general coordinator of
UNIW took the floor thanking HE the governor of his kindness opening his home with the warmest atmosphere to third IYG participants. He said: “We really feell ourselves as staying at our homes. We are indebted to His Excellency Mr. Haryawan for this kind dinner.”

At his speech, Isbilir briefly gave information about establishment of UNIW and its structure stressing the need of unity among the Muslims.

“We are now organizing a historical gathering in the biggest Islamic country in the
earth. And today, we uttered final declaration of this gathering in historical building where the Bandung Declaration had been announced. Third IYG participants shouting and saying: We are one nation. They repeat this slogan in every opportunity. Of course it is easy to say that, however to live by it and establish it is difficult. There are serious expectations from us to do. Young leaders of the Islamic World are aware of this fact and witnessed this reality during the gathering.” told Isbilir and stated his pleasure to be in Indonesia.

Then 44 million populated West Java Governor His Excellency Ahmad Haryawan spoke to third IYG in Indonesian language.

“We are now living a historical event. We are living a time like the similar one lived in our past. Muslim Ummah passed many phases in its history. Arabs, Seljuks, Kurds, Mongols, Indians and Ottoman
Turks…Now we are living a historical time with young leaders of the Islamic World.” told the governor and went on his speech:

“As Allah Almighty says in 140th verse of Surah of Al-i Imran in the Holy Qur’an: “
If a wound has afflicted you (at Ohud), a wound like it has also afflicted the (unbelieving) people; and We bring these days to men by turns, and that Allah may know those who believe and take witnesses from among you; and Allah does not love the unjust…Now insaallah, the days will come and Muslims will be the leaders of the world.”

HE Heryawan shared his pleasure to host third international youth gathering in his country and stated that: “I invite you and UNIW officials to organize fourth youth gathering in Bandung in our auspicies.”

At the end of his speech, the governor pointed out the importance of taqwa and prosperity based activities in order to be strong enough in this challenging and threatening world. During the dinner program, H. Mercan representing Turkey delegation recited far-famed poem named “Tale” of famous Turkish intellectual Sezai KarakoƧ. In this poem KarakoƧ takes the story of six sons of a man from the point of view of Islamic and Western Civilization.


Third IYG Participants visited one of the sponsors of the gathering Rumah Zakat
organization general headquarters. Being very effective and professional
organization throughout Indonesia and southeastern Asia, president and
managers of Rumah Zakat briefed the visiting delegation.

After short introductory film of organization about its vision, mission, activities and projects, representatives of Rumah Zakat informed the delegation about other field areas. They made excellenct power point presentations to third IYG participants about micro credits, health services, nursing, education support, social projects, volunteer education, camps and training of NGO leaders and so forth.

For his part Jihangir Isbilir thanked to Rumah Zakat for being a sponsor and hosting
this gathering. He said: “Let me explain my fascination of witnessing such a professional film, power point presentations and most importantly to meet and know such excellent Muslim brothers in this highly appreciated general headquarters of Rumah Zakat. To know the importance of similar organizations like of you, we should focus on one point. It will be enough to understand the issue. There are two sentences disturbing the societies. First one is: You work, I eat! The second is: I should be full and not be interested in others even if they die! For these two kinds of humanity crisis, Islam has put solutions with three pillars: the obligation of zakat, probihition of interest and qard-i hasen (good debt) institution.”

UNIW General Coordinator went on his speech concluding: “I congratulate Rumah Zakat and its entire staff who work in accordance with the service to fundamental pillar of Islamic Civilization recognizing the trueness not the power, the acquiescence of Allah Almighty not profit.”

At the end of speeches, Rumah Zakat managers presented a gift to Mr. Isbilir. Third IYG participants had lunch at the general headquarters of organization and left the building after taking family picture.


Third International Youth Gathering of the Union of Non-Governmental
Organizations of the Islamic World (UNIW) has ended with the final declaration in historical building where Bandung Declaration had been announced.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an and welcome speeches. First speaker was SALAM UI chairman Ahmed Situyabandi who read the final declaration while each country representatives took the floor joining their hands at the platform.

After reading of final declaration, UNIW General Coordinator A. Cihangir Isbilir,
chairman of Steering Committee Budi Dermawan and UNIW Council Member
Suripto had speeches. The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) has successfully carried out third international youth gathering in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia between 17-24 January 2010 with participation of over 150 people from 16 countries. During the gathering two days panel was held in the campus of the University of Indonesia titled by “The Role of the Youth in Changing the World and Education.”

At the panel the delegations discussed main problems of the education and solutions in their countries. The participants has reached common consensus after two days panel.

Third IYG reached at the following points:

1. IYG stresses that the Muslims are one nation.
2. IYG stresses the right of just and free education without any kinds of discrimination based on ethnicity, race, gender and language.
3. Emphasize the necessity of full cooperation and coordination among the Muslim countries.
4. Importance of NGOs in support for Muslim Youth to take better education and have better future.
5. Developing a new kind of education system including alternatives model based on Islamic principles
that is the best answer to ontological, epistemological and methodological crisis that started with
modernity and westernization at the consciousness of Muslim Youth.
6. Islamic World Governments exchange programs, OIC, scholarship, supporting organizations
supporting the programs for cooperation, solidarity and to establish network mechanisms.
7. IYG declares the necessity of experience exchanges among different thoughts of native thinkers,
scholars, intellectuals and academicians.
8. IYG declares the initiatives to be started in order to make youth more equipped with increasing
alternative education methods.
9. IYG strongly demands governments of the Islamic Countries to sign treaties that will provide students exchanges between the countries for cultural and intellectual cooperation sharing with common values.
10. IYG emphasizes importance of developing new policies of the governments in Islamic countries to develop youth organizations to take active roles.
11. IYG strongly stresses the necessity of new kinds of consciousness and perspective of Muslim youth against all kinds of challenges.
12. IYG strongly denounce continuous and insidious excavation works under and around Masjed al Aqsa and calls for put an end to such dangerous steps.
13. IYG calls for an end the occupation in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Nogarno Karabagh. It also points out to find constructive solutions for ending the conflicts in Yemen, Darfur, Kashmir, Moro, Western Sahara and Somalia.
14. IYG strongly condemns discrimination and Islamophobic activities, politics and manners against Muslim communities in the Western World. It demands western governments to take reasonable actions for ending this situation. IYG also invites Muslim youth whole around the world to use all
legitimate ways for challenging with this increasing and never acceptable situation.

IYG thanks to the President of Indonesia, the Parliament of Indonesia, Vice-Chairman of the Parliament, the Government of Indonesia, ministers, the governor of Jakarta and West Jawa, the organization committee, sponsors and all managers of the gathering.

24 January 2010, Bandung

This report prepared by THE UNION OF NGOs OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD (UNIW)and the Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey